A Birthday Wish Fulfilled!

Posted on: September 6th, 2011

A big, huge, whoopin’ and hollerin’ THANK YOU to everyone who helped raise money for PlayWrite on my Birthday!  For my Birthday on August 30th, the same date as the Bienestar Performance, I asked my friends and family to make donations to PlayWrite, in lieu of gifts.  I sent website links to my contacts, enthusiastically discussed the mission with anyone who asked, and set up a Birthday Wish through the Causes application on Facebook with a goal to raise $500.  Web donations, Facebook contributions, and checks in the mail added up to just under $600 for PlayWrite Inc.!  I know my friends and family members are generous, big-hearted people, but man oh man did they blow me out of the water on this!  The financial gifts were extraordinarily kind, yes, and people also showed support in so many other important ways: links on their own Facebook pages, sharing the message with friends/partners/colleagues they thought would find the mission compelling, cards and messages cheering the effort along.  My own mother put a link on her business page for the duration of the wish.  The girls with whom I administer a weekly a blog gave continuous shout-outs on our Twitter account.  An Aunt I haven’t spoken to in ages reached out to me, inspired by what PlayWrite does.  I wanted to give everyone proper gratitude for helping me celebrate my Birthday the best way I could think to: supporting a mission I adore, and applauding the creativity of youth in the community.  On my behalf, and on behalf of PlayWrite Inc., thank you thank you thank you!

Big thanks, and even bigger bear hugs,
Development Associate, PlayWrite Inc.

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