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Posted on: November 9th, 2011

There are so many cool features to the Willamette Week Give!Guide that I didn’t know where on our Facebook or Twitter to keep them all!  Here are some fun facts about the Willamette Week’s annual gift campaign:

*The Give!Guide was started in an effort to enthuse donors aged 18-35, encouraging the next generation of philanthropists to find organizations they’re passionate about now.  In fact, a prize will be awarded at the end of the Give!Guide campaign to the organization receiving the most donations from donors under 35…be sure to check the box at the end of the donation page if that includes you!
*Willamette Week offers its own incentives to donors who give through their portal…check ‘em out!
*In addition to WW’s incentive’s, TigerLogic has generously placed a 1:1 match on the first $2500 in donations to PlayWrite received through the Guide…that means that at the end of the Give!Guide campaign, your $10 donation will count towards $20, your $50 to $100, etc.
*Any donation made to the Give!Guide on November 17th will be entered in a raffle to win one bottle each of every product made by Clear Creek Distillery, which Willamette Week will deliver to the winner on the next day.  This is a great day to suggest to your friends that they make a donation (if they win, maybe they’ll split the spoils!).
*The Give!Guide awards a prize at the end of the campaign to the organization that receives the highest number of donations.  Remember, every donation counts, and with our TigerLogic match in place (as well as a current match from the Miller Foundation), we’re better poised than ever to make the most of your gift.
*We made a video!  Go check out our promo video, featuring some great actors performing fantastic original works written by young writers in our workshops.

Thanks a lot for checking this info out!  We hope you’re as excited about the Give!Guide as we are (hint: that would be really excited!), and hope to see you in the audience of our Alliance show next week!

Best, and then even better,

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