The following individuals, organizations and foundations have supported PlayWrite since January 1, 2016. We are very grateful for their support. 

$25,000 and above

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund


The Collins Foundation, The Lamb Foundation, The Oregon Arts Commission, Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art, Anonymous.


The Autzen Foundation, The Bloomfield Family Foundation, The Hoover Family Foundation, The Anne K. Millis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation, The PGE Foundation, The Waitte Foundation.


The Anne A. Berni Foundation, Arts People, Charlie and Tia Brown, Tom Dine and Joan Corbett Dine, Lisa Esherick, Teri and Tobey Fitch, Geffen Mesher & Co., Kathleen and Jay Goodfriend, Corbett Gordon,The Leotta Gordon Foundation, Robert and Ilene Hamburger, Sally Hardwicke, Candace and Jon Holzgrafe, Gerard Lester and Christy Holte, Brian Lindstrom and Cheryl Strayed, Bruce Livingston and Bethany Rowland, Eliza Livingston and Clarke Bingham, Steve Lovett and Connie Sullivan, Margaret Mesirow, RiverPlace Hotel, Linda Saari for the Hollione Foundation, Sarah Slaughter and David Labby, Carol Waitte, Merrill Weyerhaeuser and Pat Welly, John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet, Anonymous.


Katherine Bleakley, Bob and Janet Conklin, Steve Cox
Amy Faust, David Forman and Julie Robinson, Rick and Deb Hawkins,Yassi Irajpanah and Ali Sima, Ezra Jones and Debra Hummel, Philip Krohn and Katherine Armer, Kimberly Menig,
Anne Morrow and Roger Chope, Kyle and Jessi Podd,
Kevin Reedy and Scott Cooley, Mari and Nate Schwalbach, Adam and Tarina Shearer, Paul Smith, Cindy and Don Trelstad, Elliot and Dagne Trommald.  


Emily Andrysick and Paul Farning, Rebecca and Mike Bruns,
Eloise Damrosch and Gary Hartnett, Megan Dunning,
Alison Ebbott and William Hasan, Amber Wilke Fournier and Hugh Fournier, Larry and Frederica Frager, Stan Geffen, Mary K and Keith Hagstrom, Cara Hash, Rocky and Susan Hash, Steve Hash and Alexandria Hilfiger, Kate Johnson, Anna Karlson, Bill Maietta,
Jacquelyne and Stephen Mallison, Sam and Monica Morley,
Matthew Robinson and Amber Stark, Mary Lynne Rowland, Jeremy Sirota, Brad Taylor, Erin and Craig Thomas, Matthew Voorsanger and Susan Loftus, Mabsie and Steve Walters, WinCo Foods. 


Gad Alon, Timothy Anderson, Anne and Dan Ankrom, Lew Bowers and Susan Fries, Marianne Buchwalter, Kimberly Burke, Cary and Meri Clarke, Patricia Coble, Tony Coray, Anne Draper, Dana Eggerts, Mary Rob and Curt Finch, Alexandra and Raymond Fix, Paul and Laurie Flint, Rebecca Franceschi, Susan Grayson, Frank and Melissa Halferty, Bahram Javid and Ziba Montakhab, Marilyn and Ed Jensen, John and Michele Keiter, Geraldine Kempler, Molly Kohnstamm, Emily Kralj, Izzy Kramer, Bob Levitt,Tom Mandel, Amey Mathews and Matt Mustapick, Cynthia and Bill Matthews, Sharon Moore, Thomas Nelson, Ric Oleksak, Jennifer Omner, Patricia Osborne, Caleb Pilling, Shannon and Steve Planchon, Thomas Ray and Kathy Sharp, Alison Raynak, Rindy and Marv Ross, Sheldon and Jean Scarrott, Sara Wood Smith, Alice Spitzer, Stephen Stone, David T. Swanson, Earl Thomas, Carol Turner, United Way of the Columbia-Willlamette, Jacqueline and Richard Waggoner, Kathy Walsh and Frank Mussell, Yosh White, Meghan and Mark Whitker, Carolyn Wieden, Mark Wilson and Deborah Correa, Phyllis Wishnie, Bryan Young. 

Up to $99 

Tom Achor, Matt Batchelder and Michele Ramsey, Karen Belsey, Orion Bradshaw, Elaine Castles, Catherine Cougan, Tessa Davison, Lawson Day, Ruth Edsall, Anthony Effinger, Tor Erickson, Monique Franceschi, Mary Francillon, Mary Kay and Mark Gehring, Elisabeth Geier, Bryan Geon, Michael Goldbach and Zahra Mahloudji, Rebecca and Timothy Greear, Fred and Amelia Hard, Jason Imhof, Janice Kettler, Richard Kotulski-Wakefield and Julia Baldwin, Liz Labby, Teela Labrum, John and Jane Lebens, Grace Lee-Park, Alice Lloyd, Denise Luk and Jeff Wishnie, Dan McCarthy, Bart McMullan, Kayleen Mendenhall, Micheline Mosher, Alyson Osborn, Robyn Owen, Christopher Palacious, Amy Parks, Katherine Parmalee, Susan Paulsell, Jennifer Peterson, Bella and Nersi Ramazan-nia, Gaye and Suzy Richards, Jan Shapin and Tony Stapleton, Cara Sheprow, Annette and Gary Simpson, Jennifer Tanka,Claire and Dunken Teed, Portland Trailblazers, Martha Ullman West, Carol Urbano, Linda Vick, Susan Wand, Miranda Warren, Elana Wolfe, Mardi Wood, Janet Young.