Transforming the lives of youth at the edge through the power of performance in art 

Thousands of youth in communities everywhere are at the edge – emotionally, socially, and economically. They struggle in school, with their identity, and to fit into their community.

 Adolescence is a developmental crossroads, a time when effective intervention can have a significant positive influence on their development. Too many adolescents have experienced trauma and neglect in their young lives. As adults, they are likely to repeat those behaviors that put them in harm’s way.

PlayWrite is a way for youth to change – in profoundly positive ways – the trajectory of their lives.

Our curriculum has been rigorously crafted, tested over ten years, and research supports its efficacy. PlayWrite workshops pair youth one-on-one with trained coaches. The workshop is a deeply challenging and emotionally supportive process that creates a safe place for participants to write a play rooted in their own emotional experiences. On the final day of the workshop, writers direct professional actors in a performance for a live audience. Throughout the process, new connections form in the brain, and life trajectories shift in positive directions. Read more about our workshop process.

Renowned Portland-based filmmaker Brian Lindstrom created a cinema verité documentary about PlayWrite called "Writing Myself." Watch the trailer below!