PlayWrite Workshops for Youth

PlayWrite is a theatre-based program that builds resilience, creativity and success. Eight students form an attuned working alliance with eight coaches, engaging in exercises involving movement, sound, scent and memory. Students create a play with unique non-human characters from the authentic emotions of their own life experiences, directing professional actors on the final day. 

“12 out of 19 years living in foster care has taken its toll. I developed abandonment issues, I had trouble relating to people, and I didn’t fit in at school. PlayWrite really opened my mind to learning... When I first saw my play performed, it was so intense… The experience has been a really good way to release all that is inside me, to write about it, and have it presented… it was a fantastic creative experience”
— Katrina, a 2007 participant in PlayWrite. Katrina studied at PCC Sylvania in Portland, supported by a Chaffee Educational Grant, Oregon Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work-Study funding. She is member of the Yurok Nation. Currently Katrina is Content Manager and Writer for a Los Angeles cosplay magazine.

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The hippocampus, derived from the Greek word for seahorse, is a key anatomical structure in the brain. Amazingly complex, neuroscientists continue to discover more about how it functions: there is general agreement that the hippocampus plays a central role in the human capacity to turn personally experienced events and their associated emotions into memories. The PlayWrite workshop - combining written expression with movement - provides an opportunity for young people to unscramble complex emotional experiences into narrative form.

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