PlayWrite is a theatre-based program that builds resilience, creativity and success. Eight students form an attuned working alliance with eight coaches, engaging in exercises involving movement, sound, scent and memory. Students create a play with unique non-human characters from the authentic emotions of their own life experiences, directing professional actors on the final day. 

“PlayWrite is the best thing that’s happened to me in my life... There’s nothing like it. It’s amazing because they take these delinquents, and they turn it into a family. These are kids that society looks down on, and we get a chance to show people we are more than that. More than the stereotypes. It becomes this positive situation. You can tell it changes their lives.”
— Writer from Youth Progress workshop, 2016

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The hippocampus, derived from the Greek word for seahorse, is a key anatomical structure in the brain. Amazingly complex, neuroscientists continue to discover more about how it functions: there is general agreement that the hippocampus plays a central role in the human capacity to turn personally experienced events and their associated emotions into memories. The PlayWrite workshop - combining written expression with movement - provides an opportunity for young people to unscramble complex emotional experiences into narrative form.

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