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Bienestar Workshop

Date: August 30th, 2011
Location: The Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro

A tee shirt in search of a rare flower…
A sofa collecting dust…
A shimmering gold ring with one hundred diamonds…
A pair of scissors with a secret to tell…

These are just some of the 12 new characters brought to life by a handful of talented actors at the Walters Cultural Arts Center, in performances of 6 brand new plays created by writers of the Bienestar workshop.  The evening featured 4 plays performed in English, one performed in Spanish, and one in which each of the two characters spoke a different language.

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In Flowers in the Desert by Jose, Cotton, a large t-shirt (Paul Susi) and Standing Pond, a cactus (Rebecca Frost Mayer) await an approaching storm... Should I, Should I Not? by Maria shows the friendship between Sophy, a sofa (Amaya Villazan) and Mindy, a panda bear (Rebecca Frost Mayer). In Brenda's play, Friends in the Dark, Jessica, a tough monkey (Sarah Liane Foster) seeks help from her friend Melanie, a shiny woven basket (Alyson Osborn). Splash, the dolphin (Sarah Liane Foster) in Diego's The Lost Dolphin, needs the help of Gilbert, a large block of ice (Enrique Andrade) to find food. In Blanca's The Horn and the Ring, Brownie the reindeer (Enrique Andrade) needs the help of Shiney the gold ring (Amaya Villazan) to find his way back home. In K and C Adventures by Javier, Kalil, a strong gorilla (Paul Susi) and Cutter, a sharp pair of scissors (Michael Stone)  come up against a patch of poison ivy.

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