Courage Within

By Emily

TIME: 8 A.M. Sunny.

PLACE: By BONEY’S home, the purple box.

AT RISE: BONEY, the stick with cotton at both ends, is finding courage to leave home. BONITA, the bright orange leaf is humming classical on a tree branch.

BONEY: I’m tired of feeling like everyone is making my feel uncomfortable. They are playing around me and being wild. (Squeal) I’m going to feel a lot better and relieved when I get outside of the box. (Gets out) I’m afraid of the neon green grass outside because it blinds me. I need my cloth to cover my eyes. I have to go back inside to get my cloth. I have to bend over and put my head down and lift up this little triangular plastic door. The door doesn’t open. I gotta try again. I think I should try the back door. (BONEY hears BONITA singing. Doesn’t see BONITA because it was too bright to look at the tree) Why isn’t this opening! (One hop really hard) I’ll just take a piece of cotton and wrap it around my eyes. (BONITA singing) What’s your name?

BONITA: (Looking up and down) What? Who’s that talking to me?

BONEY: Me down here.

BONITA: Oh, you. What’d you ask me?

BONEY: I asked what your name was.

BONITA: Why would I want to tell a stranger my name?

(BONEY hopping happy)

BONEY: That’s beautiful singing.

BONITA: Oh, thank you. (BONITA slumps forward, mouth open, sighs)

BONEY: It looks like you didn’t really like my compliment. Why are you so slumped?

BONITA: (Thinking “Well I just have low self-esteem, that’s all.” Smiles.

Straightens up real fast)

BONEY: Why are you so happy all of a sudden? Just a second ago you were so slump. (BONITA overwhelmed. Crying, fidgety, stops thinking) What’s the matter? Are you crying?

BONITA: (Scared, afraid to reveal) What? I’m not crying. You’re exaggerating.

BONEY: I’m going to crawl up there and give you some comfort.

(BONEY hopping on the tree branch. Branch breaks)

BONITA: How dare you break my tree branch!!

BONEY: I am so sorry!

BONITA: (Mad face, eyebrows move down, shaking. Monologue) All I want is to be happy. And now my tree branch is broken. And I had to face how it would feel to fall.

BONEY: Is there anything I can do to help you? I’m really sorry.

BONITA: My biggest fear is to fall. And I have fallen one inch down my tree.

BONEY: I have a fear too.

BONITA: Listen to me. I have a fear and I’m trying to explain to you what it is.

BONEY: But I’m trying to empathize with you and you’re not listening to what I have to say.

BONITA: What about what I have to say?

BONEY: (Stomp. Loud) Listen, leaf. What I have to say is more important than you.

BONITA: So let me get this straight. You broke my tree branch, tell me your sorry and then tell me I have no room to talk.

BONEY: (Sassy) Yes, I did break your tree branch.

BONITA: (Lots of anger) Who do your think you are climbing up on my tree and breaking my tree branch, huh? Who are you?

(Push BONEY off tree branch. Cotton falls off BONEY)

BONEY: My cotton’s falling off.

BONITA: I am so sorry. I feel so guilty. The guilt is eating my insides.