Do You Ever Dream of Snow

By Shianne

TIME: Morning, gloomy, no shine in the stone cave.

PLACE: Dark, foggy stone cave. It feels thick, like it’s hard to breathe. Sounds like someone’s sobbing.

AT RISE: RICARDO, a turquoise recliner, is sitting in a corner of the cave, looking like he doesn’t know what to do. SUNNIE, a 13-year-old male hunting lion, is coming into the stone cave, growling.

RICARDO: (jerks up, panicky) Sunnie! Sunnie! Calm down.

SUNNIE: (Angry, throwing body around) How do you expect me to calm down when I’ve just been humiliated in front of everyone! Nobody has the same outlook on life as I do. They don’t see the beauty in anything.

RICARDO: (tenses up) Do you think you’re the only one who has problems? If you think so, then you’re sadly mistaken. (Starts to shuffle away, turns around and looks at SUNNIE)

SUNNIE: (kicking wall) I knew you wouldn’t understand.

RICARDO: (angrily) I wouldn’t understand what?

SUNNIE: (SUNNIE is ashamed and looks down) My painting…

RICARDO: (still upset and angry) While you’re in here freaking out, I’m losing sight of my wildest dreams.

SUNNIE: How could you treat me like I’m a piece of dirt?

RICARDO: (raises voice) You think I’m treating you like a piece of dirt. You’re the one not caring about anyone else’s feelings.

(SUNNIE goes and kicks the walls some more)

RICARDO: (tries to shuffle fast, but it doesn’t work. Stops, turns to SUNNIE, in shaky crying voice, low breath) I can’t do this without you.

SUNNIE: Do what without me?

RICARDO: (shocked, stuttering) Oh, oh, oh nevermind.

SUNNIE: You can’t just do that to me and leave me hanging.

RICARDO: I just don’t know how to tell you this.

SUNNIE: (impatient) Tell me what?

RICARDO: (pressured) You’re not making it easy for me.

SUNNIE: Well, just spit it out then.

RICARDO: (ashamed) I’ve been keeping something from you.

SUNNIE: (under breath) That makes two of us.

RICARDO: (curious) What did you say?

SUNNIE: (rolls eyes, angrily) Oh nevermind. (Starts to walk away)

RICARDO: Now you’re just going to give up on everything?

SUNNIE: (caught off guard, low tone of voice) Why do you keep acting like you know what I’m talking about.

RICARDO: (in past tense, but like he’s talking about now) Because I’ve been in a similar situation.

SUNNIE: How did you get through it?

RICARDO: I’m still dealing with it today.

SUNNIE: What are you talking about?

RICARDO: I’ve always been so sheltered.

SUNNIE: What are you getting at?

RICARDO: I’ve never been able to get outside and feel the snow. I’ve never felt snow. I imagine it sending tingles down my frame. I’ve always been so sheltered by these walls. It makes me feel achy and cramped. (Pause) I dream about it daily. (Pause, looks outside) I feel like now’s my chance. I never know if it’s going to snow again, if I’m going to get this chance again.
RICARDO: (continued, pause) I’m so scared, it’s melting so quickly. I thought it would be here for days, but it’s almost gone.

(SUNNIE looks at RICARDO and starts to cry)

RICARDO: Why are you crying?

SUNNIE: (stands up) The snow’s just gonna make you sick.

RICARDO: I don’t understand.

SUNNIE: Your hinges are already weakening. The snow will only make you rust more.

RICARDO: (looks down at the ground) But I’ve waited my whole life for this. I’ve always wanted to feel free, like I could do anything. But if I can’t touch the snow and get the feeling, how am I going to get that feeling?

SUNNIE: There’s other ways to feel free than going out and practically killing yourself. (Slowly walks away)

RICARDO: (to audience) My life’s a mess and I don’t know what to do. My best friend doesn’t even understand who I am. How do I even understand who I am. If other creatures can’t see me how is it possible for me to see me? I’ve gotta find a way to show who I truly am. (to SUNNIE) Push me outside. Will you just push me outside, I don’t care if I rust up. I just need to touch the snow.

SUNNIE: (turns around fast) Why are you being so selfish?

RICARDO: I’m not being selfish, you’re the one who can walk wherever you want.

SUNNIE: Now my walking is being rude?

RICARDO: No, I’m just so jealous that everybody else gets what they want ‘cause they can move. I can’t do that. Will you please just help me, I’ll do anything. It doesn’t have to be very long. I just want the feeling of snow.

SUNNIE: Why does this mean so much to you?


RICARDO: Everybody’s just always told me I could never do anything. So far I’ve proven them right. But I really need to turn it around. I need to do something I never thought possible.

SUNNIE: Wow, I never realized you felt that way. I’m just (pause, sighs) I’m just afraid to lose my best friend.