The Horn and The Ring

By Blanca

by Blanca

TIME: Six in the morning. It is December.
PLACE: In Alaska, in a store

AT RISE: BROWNIE is walking through the store. SHINEY is in the cup.
BROWNIE, a 10-year old reindeer, is the color of dark chocolate, with horns that look like branches on his head. The horns are hard, and soft like a leaf.
SHINEY, a 10-year-old gold ring with 100 diamonds, shines like when the sun hits the water of a lake. 

BROWNIE: (low voice, pretty shy) Hi…

SHINEY: Hey – who are you? What’s your name?

BROWNIE: My name is Brownie. What’s yours?

SHINEY: My name is Shiney. How did you get here?

BROWNIE: I got here with my feet. . . Well, it’s a long story.

SHINEY: I have time to listen.

BROWNIE: OK . . . I got lost. I was looking for my mom and my dad. Can you help me find a way out of here?

SHINEY: I would. (frustrated) But if you look, you’ll see that I can’t get out of this cup!

BROWNIE: No problem – I can help you. But how can I help you?

SHINEY: You could help me find a string.

BROWNIE: A string? For what?

SHINEY: If you look, that’s the only way I can get down. If you give me a string, I’ll put the end of the string on the corner of the box. From there, I put the string through the middle of me, and I put the other end on a piece of wood popping out of the mirror to the right of me. Then I swing myself down. (excited) Sliding down the string!

BROWNIE: I don’t have time to look for string. I want to go home -  I miss seeing the stars and the moon.

SHINEY: If I don’t have a string, how am I supposed to get down and help you?

BROWNIE: You know, I don’t really care about your problem – I just want to go home!

SHINEY: What’s wrong? You were going to help me – and now you’re all mad. I’m confused. You don’t even have time to look for a string!

BROWNIE: No, I don’t! I have other things to do – like – I need to find my way out of this store and get back to the forest.

SHINEY: Why do you really want to go home? This is a pretty good place to live.

BROWNIE: No, that’s not true.

SHINEY: What does your place have that my place doesn’t have?

BROWNIE: My place is in the forest – in a cave in the forest.

SHINEY: Tell me five things that your cave and forest have that my home doesn’t have.

BROWNIE: My cave has fresh air. I can see the sun rising. I can see birds and butterflies flying around. I can see the moon rising, and glowing when the sun hides and the sky is dark. I have grass that’s puffy with water and tastes like sour lemons.

SHINEY: So?! Those are pretty things, like you say, but my place is still ten times better than your place.

BROWNIE: Why do you say that? Tell me at least five things that your place has that my place doesn’t have.

SHINEY: My place has light all the time – every day and every night. When the light hits me, you can see the shine coming off the diamonds. I have clean floors with soft sky blue carpets. I have windows. I don’t get dirty easily.

BROWNIE: Probably your place is better than my place for a ring. But I like looking at the sky, and seeing the moon and the stars. I like walking on the soft and puffy grass.

SHINEY: If you live in a cave, and have no window, how do you look at the sky?

BROWNIE: I go outside the cave and I lie down on the grass and I watch the stars.

SHINEY: Ew!! Grass!!

BROWNIE: What’s so bad about grass?

SHINEY: You can get dirty.

BROWNIE: Why do you always talk about dirty? (pause) I don’t have time to talk about this. I want to go home now.

SHINEY: Well, if you won’t help me get out of this cup, I can’t help you find your home.

BROWNIE: I’ve told you already – I don’t have time to be arguing about this! I miss looking at the sun and the water and the moon. I feel lonely here. I just want to go home.

SHINEY: Your cave sounds nasty! Dirt everywhere. Mud. Grass. Bugs. You like that place no matter how dirty it is?

BROWNIE: Yes – yes, I do. That’s why I am going home. And I’m going to do a hole in the top of the cave. Because I want to see the stars when it’s dark and I’m lying down inside my cave.

SHINEY: That’s your thing (turning red) Anyway, what are you doing here? I thought you were going…

BROWNIE: Yes, I am going.

SHINEY: But you don’t even know your way out!

BROWNIE: (frustrated) I know.

SHINEY: Help me get out of this cup, and I’ll help you go home.

BROWNIE: You will?

SHINEY: I will – just help me find a string to get out.

BROWNIE: There’s no fresh air in here! I fell like I am inside a bag – I can’t breathe – it’s awful!

SHINEY: Try to find a string and I will help you.

BROWNIE: Where’s the string? Really, tell me where’s the string cause I’m about to leave – I can’t breathe – I feel someone is choking me!

SHINEY: Hurry up then! Look for one,

BROWNIE: I have no more time to look for string – I’ll put you on one of my horns.

SHINEY: (screaming) No way! I’m scared you’re going to drop me off your horns and you won’t notice.

BROWNIE: I promise you I won’t drop you off.

SHINEY: You promise me?

BROWNIE: Yes, I do promise you.

SHINEY: OK, I will let you put me on your head.

BROWNIE: (putting his head down and trying to get the ring on his horn) Don’t move! Just don’t move!

SHINEY: I won’t move (feeling kind of happy) I don’t want to get dust on my diamonds. (finally BROWNIE gets the ring on his horn)

BROWNIE:  I am happy, but scared too. I am food for the wolves, and I’m afraid of being eaten by them when I am walking through the woods to my cave. Right now I’m scared to get lost in the forest. Shiney doesn’t know the way out of here – she just wanted to get out of the cup. I can hear my heart beeping. I know that Shiney can’t hear it – it’s just only me. I just wish I could be home right now, and I never got out of the cave. I know my mom and my dad are looking for me, and I know when I get home, I’m going to . . .My parents are gonna think I’m brave, because I got home safe.
I really want to see the sun rising up in the morning, and the water shining when the sun hits it. And I’ll see the stars shining in the sky, and the moon glowing in the sky when the sun hides and it’s dark.
Seeing the butterflies and the birds flying…
Smelling the flower…
Walking on the puffy grasses that taste like sour lemons…