The following organizations and individuals supported PlayWrite in 2012.

If your name isn’t on this list and it should be, please let us know!

The Producers’ Circle, recognizing donors who give an ongoing monthly contribution:
Jeanne & Gary Acker
Julian Blankenship
Karen Belsey
Rebecca and Mike Bruns
Bob & Janet Conklin
Delphine Criscenzo
Eloise Damrosch and Gary Hartnett
Lawson Day
Teri and Tobey Fitch
Michael Goldbach and Zahra Mahloudji
Corbett Gordon
Mary and Keith Hagstrom
Cara Hash
Jerry Hogland and Kathy Lakey
Lyndsay Hogland
Richard Kotulski-Wakefield
Bruce Livingston
James Mapes
Susan Paulsell
Matthew Robinson
Annette Simpson
Tom Swanson

The Founders Circle, recognizing major donors who have been there from the start:
Kim and Dan Agnew
Clarke Bingham and Eliza Livingston
Susan and Rick Koe
Philip Krohn, Susan Koe, and Robert Millis
Bruce Livingston and Bethany Rowland
Christine and Patrick Ryan
Mabsie and Steve Walters
John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet

$10,000 and above
Kim and Dan Agnew
The Collins Foundation
The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
The Anne K. Millis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
The Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art
The Storms Family Foundation
The Vibrant Village Foundation

The Autzen Foundation
The Jane and Howard Glazer Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
The PGE Foundation
The Bloomfield Family Foundation
The Charlotte Martin Foundation
The Oregon Arts Commission
The Spirit Mt. Community Fund

The Bildung Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Collier Bingham
Katherine Bleakley
Roger Chope and Anne Morrow
Bob and Janet Conklin
Roger Cooke and Joan Cirillo
Steve Cox
Alison Ebbott and Bill Hasan
Kate and Andy Ebbott
Ralph Ebbott
The Lisa Esherick Fund of the East Bay Community Foundation
Susan Shelk Fischer
Geffen Mesher & Co.
Renée Glasgow
Corbett Gordon
Rick and Deb Hawkins
The Hibler Franke Foundation
Gerald Hogland and Kathy Lakey
The Hollione Foundation
Carol Ihlenburg
Rick and Susan Koe
The Leotta Gordon Foundation
Bruce Livingston and Bethany Rowland
Steve Lovett and Connie Sullivan
Dave and Margaret Mesirow
The Kinder Morgan Foundation
The Pease Family Fund of the BOS Foundation
Kyle and Jessi Podd
Sarah Slaughter and David Labby
Mabsie and Steve Walters
The Walters Family Foundation
John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet

Scott Becker
Tom and Joan Corbett Dine
Teri and Tobey Fitch
Robert and Ilene Hamburger
Perry and Scott Jaqua
The Paladin Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Portland General Electric
Donald and Cynthia Trelstad

Bob and Janis Harrison
Cara Hash
Rocky and Susan Hash
Lyndsay Hogland
Molly Kohnstamm
Julia Marie
Clay Reiling (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Mary Lynne Rowland
Mary Lynne Rowland (in honor of Bethany Rowland)
Mary Lynne Rowland (in honor of Chris Rowland)
Mary Lynne Rowland (in honor of Bruce Livingston)
Matthew Voorsanger and Susan Loftus

Audrey Andrysick
Audrey Andrysick (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Ben Andrysick (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Guy Andrysick
Kelsey Anglin
Jean and Ray Auel
Jerry Baker
Julian Blankenship
Julian Blankenship (in honor of Danya Blankenship)
Rebecca and Mike Bruns
Marianne Buchwalter
Ingrid Carlson
Valerie Day (in memory of Shaun Wardinsky)
Maryanne deGoede
Anne Draper
Tracey Dunlap
Bill and Terry Farrens
Ray and Sandy Fix
Mary R. Francillon
Mary R. Francillon (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Janine Francolini
Andrew and Amanda Glasgow
Michael Goldbach and Zahra Mahloudji
Mary K. and Keith Hagstrom
Frank and Melissa Halferty
Frank and Melissa Halferty (in honor of Bruce Livingston)
Cynda Herbold
Ed and Marilyn Jensen
John and Michele Keiter
Bruce Livingston (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Eliza Livingston and Clarke Bingham (in memory of Roxanna Voorsanger and Cameron Bingham)
Katherine Livingston
Jaci Mallinson
James Mapes (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Amey Mathews and Matt Mustapick
Cynthia and Bill Mathews
James McDermott
Teresa McGuire
Laura Mehren (in memory of M. Carolyn Mehren)
Rae Minten
North Pacific Paper Corp. (in memory of Lela Hogland)
Patricia Osborne
Jeany Park
Maggie Reyes (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Marv and Rindy Ross
Sheldon and Jean Scarrott
Anette Simpson
Anette Simpson (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Portia Sipes and Paul Thompson
Cheryl Strayed
Margaret and Dennis Sweeney
Beverly Trover
Carol and David Turner
Jacqueline and Rich Waggoner
Dana and Steven Weiner
Jeanette Weston
Katherine and John Zelko

Up to $99
ABC Jewelery Co.
Robert Achor
Ben Anderson (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Emily Andrysick
Hilary Andrysick
Jory Aronson
Julia Baldwin (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Rebecca Balmer (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Lianne Bannow
Karen Belsey
Anita Bigelow
Emily Bohannon
Kathy Boyea
Sheryl Brennan (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Trish Brown (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Daniel Caplan
Nichki Carangelo (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
David Castles
Elaine Castles
Kathleen Cavasher (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Elisabeth Cohrs
Gary Cole
Larry Colton
Denise Cooper (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Charles Copeland (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Marilyn Cover and David Knofler
Rosey Covert
Morgan Cowling (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Eloise Damrosch
Phoebe Daurio (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Annie Dillon (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Virginia DiMaggio
Michael Dirda (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Barbara Drummond (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Elizabeth Duong
Sidney L. Eaton, Jr.
Lori Eberly
Rich Eichen (in honor of Anne Lebwohl)
Mary Farning (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Paul Farning
Maxwell Faulk
Sarah Fierberg (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Kate Fitzgerald
Julie Frantz
Chris Frus (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Jocelyn Furbush
Alice Gaut (in memory of John Talley)
Greg Giersch
Barbara Haga
Jamey Hampton (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Fred and Amelia Hard
Ken Harding and Connie Stauffer (in memory of Lela Hogland)
Anne Hasenstab
Jon Head and Patricia Bollin (in honor of Steve Cox)
Dot Hearn
Cynda Herbold (in honor of Teela Labrum)
Theresa Hernandez
Michael Hevron
Kristi Hinckley
Paul Hobson
Sheryl Horwitz
Jodi Delahunt Hubbell
Shelley Immel
Heather Jackson (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Julianna Jaffe (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Bahram Javid and Ziba Montakhab
Jason Jennings
Lois and C.L. Jones (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Merilee Karr
Patricia Keeney
Cynthia Kirk
Carol Kleps (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Richard Kotulski
Emily Kralj
Teela Labrum (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Brandon Landis (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Mark LaPierre (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Bruce Livingston (in honor of Katherine Livingston)
Bruce Livingston (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Bruce Livingston (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Kira Lombardozzi
Denny Macomber
Sally McCracken (in memory of Lela Hogland)
Laura McLaughlin (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Bart McMullan, M.D.
Heidi McNamee
Laura McNeeley and Nate Potter
Cassandra Mill
James and Mary Minor
Sharon Moore
Thomas Nelson
Alyson Ayn Osborn (in memory of Mac)
Richard and Jeanette Palan (in memory of Lela Hogland)
Susan Paulsell
Toni and Ken Petersen
Cathy Pettibone and Nick Crawford
Paul Pierce
Shannon Planchon
Lisa Platt
Melissa Prescott (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Gaye Richards
Leslie Riester
Jeanne Robin
Charles Rooks
Brenda and John Rush
Charles Sanderson (in honor Claude Howard)
Kirsten Scheu (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Carrie Schultz (in honor of Keith Schultz)
Kim Scott (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Ryan Scott
Gwenn Seemel (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Jan Shapin
Eric Skinner (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Scott Sparling
Michael Stone
Jane Unger
Katherine Valier
Mary Ann Veraldi (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Joceline Vu (in honor of Emily Andrysick)
Mabsie Walters (in honor of Corbett Gordon)
Diane Walton
Frank Warren
Darise Weller (in honor of Lyndsay Hogland)
Alison Wilkinson
Alan Winter
Mardi Wood
Jack Wright

  • An additional thanks to our donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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