Our new Adult Workshop expands on PlayWrite’s fifteen years of experience with youth, opening the opportunity to adults who also have important stories to tell.

PlayWrite is a theatre-based program that builds resilience, creativity and success. With one-to-one coaching, PlayWrite creates a safe space for participants to explore themselves in a new way—to build a story that’s never been written before. Over the course of the workshop, participants write a one-act play using unique, non-human characters that represent authentic emotions from their own life experiences. The workshop culminates in a performance with professional actors. Participants, coaches and performers alike learn that putting feelings into language is a healing, restorative and nurturing process that transforms the lives of everyone involved.

PlayWrite brings our community together—young and old, from all walks of life—all are welcome. While our mission is focused on serving youth at the edge, our work has included stories from immigrants and refugees, persons who experience homelessness, farm-worker’s children, those who identify as LGBTQ, and people of diverse ethnic origins and religious practices. Our success working with youth over the past 15 years has led us to offer adults the opportunity to craft an original play using our proven structure to create the transformative experience it engenders—at any age.


  • Five-day workshop: one 2 ½-hour session each day for the first four days, with a 5-hour rehearsal and performance session on the fifth day.

  • Limited to 4-6 participants.

  • PlayWrite-trained coaches work one-on-one with each participant to develop an 8-10 minute one-act play.

  • Participants collaborate with professional actors, and finally direct them for performance before a live audience.

  • Performances are videotaped and professionally edited; they can be posted on Vimeo or burned to DVD.

  • Cost of the workshop is $750 per person. Monthly payment plans can be worked out.

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Here’s what some of our past participants have said: 

“I want to say that if anyone reading this has even the slightest inkling of a desire to try your hand at play writing, I would strongly encourage you to give it a try. The experience as a whole was daunting, challenging, intense, at times uncomfortable, at other times fun, and rewarding in ways that I never expected. It was a voyage of personal discovery and I believe you would find it as mentally and emotionally rewarding as I did!” Bob Conklin


“I went into this experience with no idea of what or how it could or would help or affect me. For days afterward, as I sat with the experience and the characters I created, I realized the deep core issues that are currently affecting me. It was a revelation, and re-directed me from working with surface noise to understanding underlying causes. I can see why this process is so effective with troubled youth – it was transformative for me, a successful, functioning adult. Thank you for the care and expertise that the PlayWrite staff invested in taking me through this workshop.”Corbett Gordon

“I’ve had all these story ideas in my head for years, but all of my preconceived notions went clean out the window. They wiped that slate clean and the whole process was like watching a flower bloom, little by little. Coaches with prompts lead the exploration each session and the characters and conflict just emerge so naturally that I didn’t realize that’s what was happening. This is a hands-on, tactile experience of doing, and then understanding what you just did—it was very confidence-building. I enjoyed the exercises and not having to write, just talk. It’s like my story was just pulled out of me. My amazing coach helped me navigate where I was going to get my play out. It was a natural and innate way to access what I had inside me. I think everyone is an artist, you don’t have to consider yourself one, you’ll find the artist in you through this process of creating a play. This is like journaling, you put it out there, you can look at it, turn it over and process it, but this allows it to be a creative, healing process. I was very proud of what I ended up with. I felt like I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do.” —Shelley B. Shelley

For more information about participating in or hosting a PlayWrite workshop,
email or call (503) 249-5800.

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