The PlayWrite youth Workshop: Why WE are successful

Words matter!

  • PlayWrite creates a safe space for participants to explore themselves in a new way – to build a story that’s never been written before. 
  • PlayWrite coaches are deep listeners. They ask questions, and wait for answers. As long as it takes. PlayWrite coaches never offer suggestions for words or themes or ways of phrasing ideas.

  • Every word, action, and emotion is the pure creation of the writer – the work is 100% theirs.

One-to-one connection matters!

  • Nothing matches the power of face-to-face engagement.

  • Each workshop participant has their own dedicated coach, trained by PlayWrite.

  • Creating meaningful characters demands that the writer fully inhabit each character. Placing those characters into true emotional conflict builds awareness and empathy.

How the PlayWrite workshop unfolds

The first session includes simple group exercises, deconstruction of a classic theater scene, and character work. The following sessions continue with sensory exercises, exploring the keys to dramatic conflict, and writing a short one-act play. On the final day, writers meet the professional actors cast in their plays, and then take on the role of director. The workshop culminates in a staged reading of the plays before a live audience.

We offer three versions of our workshop:

  • Three-day: two sessions of 2 ½ hours each on the first two days, with a 5-hour rehearsal and performance session on the third day.

  • Five-day: one 2 ½-hour session each day for the first four days, with a 5-hour rehearsal and performance session on the fifth day.

  • Ten-day: one 2 ½-hour session each day for the first nine days, with a 5-hour rehearsal and performance session on the tenth day.

Our work builds community

  • PlayWrite brings our community together—young and old, from all walks of life—all are welcome. While our mission is focused on serving youth at the edge—immigrants & refugees, farm-worker’s children, LGBTQ, homeless, all ethnicities, all religions, the success of the past 13 years has led us to offer the workshop to adults for the transformative experience it offers.

  • “PlayWrite made me think in a different light…  it made me stand back and take a look at the people around me… we all are hurting and we all need love.” Amy Wilks, writer

  • “PlayWrite is a direct connect to the source of the craft, reminding us that our work is to listen and be present… PlayWrite has reconnected me to the roots of my craft.” Wade McCollum, actor

For more information about participating in or hosting a PlayWrite workshop, email or call (503) 249-5800.

A cinema verite documentary about Playwrite Inc., an immersive playwriting program for at-risk youth.Directed by: Brian Lindstrom. Funded in part by a RACC Project Grant.