Bob Conklin

conklin, b


I’m a retired lawyer (1965-88) and book publisher (1988-2006) educated at Dartmouth College (1962) and U.C. Berkeley Law School (1965). Principal passions include theatre, opera, watercolor painting, wildlife, and Italian language, history and culture. Two daughters, both married, and three grandchildren ages 14, 9, and 6.

Bruce Livingston is an old friend whom I’ve known off-and-on most of my life. His parents and mine were close friends. I wasn’t in touch with Bruce for many years when he was living elsewhere, but we reconnected when he came back to Portland and was ED of The Haven Project. I was intrigued when he left there to start PlayWrite.

I believe in PlayWrite’s mission and believe that it has the potential to literally save lives. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to be able to support the efforts of young people and help to create opportunities for them, especially those committing their minds and energies to creative endeavors.

I’ve enjoyed the several performances that I’ve attended, as well as the galas. However I think I felt most involved in the Georgia project, meeting with the Georgian ladies, arranging for them to see Artists Rep’s production of Cuba Libre and have a salsa dance lesson with choreographer Maija Garcia, and helping to raise funds for the project.