Ryan Tresser


Ryan Tresser is an actor and playwright. A California native, he recently followed his destiny to Portland, OR. His latest play is called Nothing Human Strange, about people transforming into monsters. He recently appeared in Mothers and Sons at Artists Repertory Theater, and as Dr. Nicholson on the TV show Grimm

How did you hear about PlayWrite? What drew you to wanting to become a coach?

I heard about PlayWrite through my friend Chantal DeGroat, who has been a coach for a few years. I previously worked as a coach and self scripting instructor for the Virginia Ave Project, serving schools in the Los Angeles area. I loved the challenge, and creative energy, that the work involved. 

As a new member of the PlayWrite team, what are you most looking forward to?

I'm most looking forward to meeting the students, finding out what they have to say, and seeing their projects come to life.