Amber Panduro


Tell us about yourself

I'm Amber. I am a freshman in college, who loves to work and hang out with friends and family. I’m 17 years old and my hometown is Bakersfield, CA.

Five words to describe PlayWrite?

Fun, interesting, amazing, great experience, educational.

What do you remember most from your PlayWrite workshop?

I had a great experience with PlayWrite. Creating a play with objects and nonhuman creatures was challenging, yet rewarding.

What are your hopes for the future, and for PlayWrite's future?

My passion is to stay in college and to get a great job.  I am a part of the Youth Leadership Team, where we set a good example for youth to encourage them to be more a part of PlayWrite. My hope for PlayWrite's future is that we will continue empowering youth to be part of more outside school programs. And to become bigger than they are now.