Darius Pierce


What has been the most memorable PlayWrite character you have played, or performance you have participated in?

Well, I think my favorite characters I've played are a monologue where I was a Kazoo and a scene where I was a pencil. I don't remember any details of the Pencil scene - just that I loved it. 

What do you find most compelling about working with PlayWrite youth?

It's seeing them deal with deep, important, troubling issues in a safe environment. Seeing them find themselves and find an outlet for working through ideas and feelings despite perhaps not wanting to! It's actually quite powerful that after performing in so may of these, there are a handful of themes that come up over and over and over again. It reinforces how everyone is dealing with the same things, but usually alone. I hope the young participants and audience members are encouraged by seeing not only their own work, but their thoughts reflected in other scenes.

Tell us something about your world outside of PlayWrite. Any plays you are or were recently in, any organizations you are part of, or anything else you’d like to disclose!

Well, I'm an actor, so (knock on wood) I always have something that I was just in or am about to do. I just opened Peter and the Starcatcher, in which I'm playing Smee. And in the fall, I will play John Adams in 1776. I'm a co-founder of the Anonymous Theatre Company. My son is about to turn 4. And I'm an avid turtle collector. That's actually a pretty good summary of me!