Yassi Irajpanah and Ali Sima


What brought you to PlayWrite?

Yassi was intrigued and inspired after an initial phone introduction by Bruce. The conversation sparked an 8 + year journey of continued inspiration and appreciation for PlayWrite's mission- as the organization's banker, supporter, friend, and fan. Ali immediately felt the same spark upon joining Yassi at his first performance.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Our lives are at present blissfully and chaotically consumed by our two children, Arshan (2 years) and Raha (7 months). We're trying our best to share with them our love of travel, local restaurants, farmers markets, and art in all forms - sometimes with great success, and always with adventure.

What encourages you to give?

The staff and coaches' passion for the work and their dedication to the students is contagious. The transformation the students experience is undoubtedly felt and seen every time each one of them walks on stage after their pieces are performed.

Recall your most memorable PlayWrite experience:

At an early fundraiser at the Gerding Theatre, there was a lively paddle raise with great audience participation and a significant match. There were a number of PlayWrite students in the audience. It was such an indescribable joy to see their excitement as they watched the contributions rise in honor of each student's journey and effort. As the MC was calling out the amounts, one student jumped our of his seat with the purest joy and excitement. It was quite simply, awesome.

At every performance, the sense of pride each student shows in their smiles, bows, and discussions is at the core of what we love about PlayWrite.