Mitra Avani

Mitra holds an MFA in Acting from Cal State, Fullerton. Having spent most of her career acting in plays, independent films, voice-overs and web-series in LA, Mitra now spends most (but not all!) of her time at home with her two small children. She's very, very happy to be acting again, especially for something as worthwhile and life-changing as PlayWrite.

How did you connect to PlayWrite?

My dad and Bruce have been friends for years, and when I moved back to Portland, my dad suggested I get in touch. I have a double major in Theatre and Political Science, with a special interest in social justice issues. PlayWrite has been a singular experience for me, merging both of those worlds in a unique, meaningful way.

Most memorable performance or character you have performed as? 

How do I choose among a piece of coral, a palm tree, an old t-shirt and a backpack? Honestly, they've all been an honor to play. Trying to communicate each playwright's truth has been immensely rewarding. I hope I've done them justice!

Every community deserves a version of PlayWrite, to elevate voices otherwise unheard. While the workshop is of most direct benefit to the playwright, it is impossible to witness a performance and hear their words and remain unchanged. Our world would be a better place if we had more opportunities to empathize with each other through the power of performance.