PlayWrite is a theatre-based program that builds resilience, creativity and success. Eight students form an attuned working alliance with eight coaches, engaging in exercises involving movement, sound, scent and memory. Students create a play with unique non-human characters from the authentic emotions of their own life experiences, directing professional actors on the final day. 


Q: What are you taking away from this experience?”

A: “A sense of trust. I think a good sense of trust and good grammar and good... a way of putting things, I guess. Also looking at different situations and different answers to any kind of situation... you can look at it... just a way to ask clarifying questions about situations. I think I learned that, too. Just to go with what you believe and never give up. One thing I gained from the whole thing is that I can do it. And just not to give up, because I’m worth it.
— Writer from Parrott Creek Ranch, 2014


PlayWrite workshops pair youth one-on-one with trained coaches. The workshop is a deeply challenging and emotionally supportive process that creates a safe place for participants to write a play rooted...


PlayWrite’s curriculum has been rigorously crafted, tested over ten years, and research supports its efficacy. The workshop curriculum has been rigorously constructed with traditional theater exercises, assembled in specific ways based on recent research advancements...