Stay Tuned

Date: September 12th, 2014

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I wish I'd had Playwrite when I was a teen. Writing is one thing, and kids have to do it all through school. But when you get coached by playwrights to get your guts onto paper, and then see them stand up on stage and walk around, talk back to each other, and essentially get out of your head and into the world, you get to see how powerful you are, and how controllable your fears and issues are. (For full text see
- Anonymous

Grant [her son] has talked about PlayWrite a lot . . . It unlocked something inside him.
- Parent

PlayWrite is an amazing opportunity and it’s like nothing that you’ll be able to get to do in a public school! I’ve learned different ways of explaining myself, of being descriptive, and seeing the world. I was really proud of myself for choosing to do this—especially since it is something I wouldn’t usually do!
- Kyla McNiven